Caregiving Partnership – Teaming with You

The Cottages of Jerseyville Estates wants to partner with you in order to maintain the normal rhythm of the day.  We will accomplish this by allowing our residents to actively participate in our gated community with the purpose and passion they have always had.  The Cottages are managed and nurtured with associates who are caring, respectful, and patient.

We see family involvement as a key factor in a resident’s quality of life.  Providing attention and assistance to the families of memory-impaired residents is as important to The Cottages as serving the residents themselves.  We encourage families to create remarkable moments by connecting on a new level of compassion and acceptance.   Remembering the event isn’t important- what matters is experiencing the joy and the moment with their loved one.  We strive to make meaningful days for our residents by learning their life story and allowing them to continue with their journey.